An automated web-based medical enrollment and eligibility determination System.

AuthMED is a web-based eligibility determination and enrollment solution for multiple health and human service programs. It provides a simple and seamless way for organizations to manage new applicants by qualifying them, tracking their status and managing their electronically stored information online.

Screen and enroll applicants online.

AuthMED first verifies that the applicant does not currently have an application in process. This eliminates multiple applications for the same patient. Validations are then made within the form fields to provide instant feedback, improving the quality and completeness of applications.

Efficiently store and manage all information.

Once an application is completed, the information is stored in a secure database. This allows AuthMED to automatically fill in other desired forms that may be required for additional programs and services or quickly auto-fill applications for reapps.

Workflow approach.

Applications can be assigned according to language and or workload. Once an application has been assigned, a supervisor can monitor individual workloads and applications in progress. Eligibility staff can view an enrollee’s application and obtain a detailed view of the verification work list. This enables one or multiple workers to keep track of an application’s progress for quicker approvals.

Medical Home linkage and e-Referral integration.

AuthMED supports Medical Home linkage efforts by electronically assigning applicants to Community Clinics and or Primary Care Physicians (PCPs). This enables Community Clinics and PCPs to receive patient medical data and proactively contact patients to schedule follow-up appointments. Results have shown that getting patients to the appropriate place of care reinforces patient behavior and proper utilization of Emergency Room resources.

Revolutionize data communication to providers.

Once an application has been submitted, the eligibility status is available to hospitals and clinics 24/7 through the AuthMED verification site. AuthMED also electronically communicates eligibility status to disparate healthcare entities, fiscal intermediaries and pharmacy benefit managers.

AuthMED is simple to adopt and use.

As a web-based application, AuthMED harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate data input and communication. This provides an immediate and automated way to screen and enroll applicants online with no new investment in hardware.

AuthMED enables the complete paperless processing of applications.