ER Connect

Immediate Web-Based Access to Patient Medical History, Prescription Data, and Lab Results

ER Connect enables ER physicians to view and share critical information at the point of care. Additionally, ER Connect provides direct e-Referral to Community Clinics and Primary Care Practices, encouraging appropriate ER utilization and reinforcing Medical Home linkage.

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

ER Connect provides convenient access to critical patient data when and where it is needed mostat the point of care. This information includes prescription history, laboratory diagnostic results, past emergency department visits, past hospitalizations, past referrals, ER physician notes, Clinic Provider notes, Case Management notes, and claims-based outpatient history.

Enable continuity of care.

ER Connect aggregates data from disparate healthcare entities, enabling collaboration between healthcare providers regardless of organization and affiliation. This community-based approach to data collaboration ensures continuity of care. ER Connect provides physicians with the necessary information that individual healthcare organizations cannot provide internally.

Manage ER utilization more effectively.

ER Connect streamlines ER processes by enabling physicians to view relevant details of a patient’s medical history. In addition to improving efficiency, this helps avoid duplication of services, duplication of prescriptions, and reduces administrative costs.

Support Medical Home linkage with e-Referral.

ER Connect’s electronic referral functionality supports Medical Home linkage efforts by electronically connecting Emergency Rooms with Community Clinics and Primary Care Practices. This enables Medical Home Physicians to receive patient medical data and proactively contact patients to schedule follow-up appointments. Results have shown that getting patients to the appropriate place of care reinforces patient behavior and proper utilization of Emergency Room resources.

Revolutionize data communication between providers.

ER Connect enables providers from disparate healthcare entities to view and share notes on specific patients in real-time. This provides a depth of information that would otherwise be unavailable at the point of care.

ER Connect is simple to adopt and use, with minimal implementation costs.

As a web-based application, ER Connect harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate data communication. This enables immediate, secure access to data with no new investment in hardware. Additionally, ER Connect can be implemented transparently and with minimal costs.