ELM Technologies

Safety Net Connect is a joint venture between NetChemistry and ELM to provide web-based health solutions to those public/private organizations serving the underserved.

Over the last 8 years, NetChemistry and ELM as Safety Net Connect (SNC) have provided a multitude of successful and nationally recognized web based healthcare solutions that serve the underserved and safety net populations. Our solutions encompass over 5,000,000 patients from clients such as Los Angeles Department of Health Services (LADHS), MedPoint, LA Care, Orange County Healthcare Agency, CalOptima, San Diego Healthcare Agency, and Cook County, MHN (an Illinois Medicaid Project).

Most recently, SNC launched a county wide Telehealth-eConsult system through a collaborative initiative with Health Care LA, the Community Clinic Association of LA County (CCALAC), LADHS, MedPoint Management and L.A. Care Health Plan.

Our diverse experiences with managed care, community clinics, and public health, have helped shape our vision for how solutions should be developed. Through our strategic visioning, we develop products with an end goal in mind and work backwards from there. Whether it is the private insurance, managed care, or public health sector, quality of life and care for the patient is the ultimate goal. Additionally, achieving cost savings and the efficient use of limited resources is an integral part of every solution.

NetChemistry and ELM have leveraged their managed care, community-based health experience, healthcare management knowledge and technology to streamline the creation of practical solutions for the enrolling, eReferring, storing, managing and sharing of patient data. We have deployed proven solutions that establishes efficient electronic communication among non-profits organizations, hospitals, payers, providers and clinicians, whether it be in the managed care environment or public healthcare sector. Our solutions delivers immediate results for healthcare organizations of all sizes and improves patient outcomes.