The fastest, easiest way to communicate current hospital census data.

eCEDA provides timely electronic notification of inpatient hospital activity, enabling you to manage stay events on a current basis. Additionally, it enables secure 24/7 access to multiple sources of information in one convenient application.

Enhance the admission notification process.

eCEDA electronically uploads daily inpatient census notification from regional hospitals to provide you with timely notification of your patient population’s hospital activity. This eliminates delays and enables you to recognize and manage hospital stay events on a current basis.

Increase census notification reliability, while saving administrative costs.

eCEDA allows the Payor to increase the notification reliability through our electronic process. Tracking and management of patient admit data is more effectively managed in this electronic environment. Existing communications processes are streamlined, reducing administrative costs.

Step out of the “paper” environment.

eCEDA takes hospital daily census data collection out of a “paper” environment and into an electronic environment. By automatically aggregating census data from multiple hospitals in electronic format, eCEDA enables effective stay management and efficient communication between interested parties. Additionally eCEDA provides direct data downloads, eliminating time-intensive and error-prone manual entry.

Manage bed day costs more effectively.

eCEDA reduces aberrant bed days by providing timely notification of inpatient hospital stays. This enables early-stage intervention and reduces costs while improving the efficiency of utilization.

Track Level of Care and Length of Stays on a current basis.

eCEDA allows you to track changes in Level of Care and Length of Stays in coordination with hospital case managers. Avoid payment disputes before they happen by using eCEDA as an ongoing audit tool to reconcile authorized bed days against billed bed days.

Standardize disparate data formats.

eCEDA takes in disparate data from multiple hospitals and standardizes the data output making it easier for the Payor to integrate and use in management of patient stays and overall resource utilization.

Simple to adopt and use, with minimal implementation costs.

As a web-based application, eCEDA harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate data communication. This enables timely notification and secure 24/7 access to data with no new investment in hardware. Additionally, eCEDA can be implemented transparently and with minimal costs.

When a patient is admitted to the hospital, eCEDA makes Payor notification quick and reliable. Users can securely access detailed hospital census data 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

eCEDA automates syndromic surveillance processes to easily identify, track, and manage disease outbreaks.

eCEDA electronically connects with community-wide hospitals to provide immediate visibility of patient activity. Automating the reporting process eliminates the need for manual data gathering and enables faster outbreak detection. Additionally, Public Health agencies have immediate options to control and prevent the spread of disease. eCEDA streamlines communication, enabling immediate activation of Public Health personnel and early notification to healthcare providers, other affected authorities, and the public.