Studies and Recognition

Achieving Results in Traditionally Challenging Populations

Converge Studies

Health Affairs, March 2017

A first-of-its-kind, longitudinal study on the Converge eConsult system demonstrating:

  • Sustainable long-term improvement in specialty care access over 3.5yrs
  • Cost-effective solution for traditionally underfunded safety net providers

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"The implementation of this system suggests that even in a large, underserved urban population, specialty access is not an intractable problem, and that a shift in the model for specialty care can provide rapid electronic input for thousands of patients in need."

Paul Giboney, MD - Director of Specialty Care at LADHS


Study revealing Converge eConsult's ability to provide a significant increase in specialty eye-care access for diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening:

  • Wait times for screening decreased by 89.2%
  • Annual screening rates for DR increased by 16%
  • 68.8% of patients did not require eye-care referral

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"By facilitating communication and maximizing scheduling access, eConsult plays a significant role in how we create capacity and sustainably provide coordinated care for patients with DR across all of the LADHS sites."

Lauren P. Daskivich, MD, MSHS - Director, Ophthalmology & Eye Health Programs at LADHS

Converge Awards

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LADHS) and Safety Net Connect have been nationally recognized for the Converge eConsult system:

Diamond ABBY Award for Innovations in Healthcare SMfor dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare.

National Association of Counties Achievement Awardfor accomplishments in patient-centered specialty care.