Community Connect

Maximize the efficiency of Primary Care services and support Physician efforts to be a Medical Home.

Community Connect provides Primary Care Practices with tools to support them in efforts to be a Medical Home. By providing convenient access to community-wide patient health information, and enabling efficient use of e-Referral, Community Connect ensures continuity of care.

Enhance health services at the point of care.

Community Connect facilitates use of available patient information by providing relevant data on patients assigned to the Primary Care Physician (PCP) as a Medical Home. This enables PCPs to diagnose and treat patients using ER notes, Physician notes, prescription history, past hospitalizations, past ER visits, claims history, referral history, and laboratory diagnostics history.

Support the Medical Home model and ensure continuity of care with e-Referral.

Community Connect supports PCP efforts to be a Medical Home by providing relevant patient health information and by connecting PCP practices with Emergency Rooms and Specialty Care providers. This enables PCPs to receive patient medical data and proactively contact patients to schedule follow-up appointments. Additionally, PCPs can electronically refer patients to specialty care. Results have shown that getting patients to the appropriate place of care reinforces patient behavior and proper utilization of resources.

Diagnose and treat patients with greater confidence.

Community Connect provides a snapshot of multiple sources of current and historical patient information, in an intuitive format.

Efficiently manage Medical Home assigned patients.

Community Connect enables PCPs to proactively track and manage patients assigned to them as a Medical Home. PCPs have direct access to patient Continuity of Care Record (CCR) summaries, and can effectively treat patients using current and historical patient health information.

Manage utilization more effectively.

Community Connect streamlines Primary Care processes by enabling physicians to view relevant details of a patient’s medical history prior to appointments. This improves efficiency and helps avoid duplication of services and duplication of prescriptions. Additionally, the time saved reduces administrative costs.

Community Connect is simple to adopt and use, with minimal implementation costs.

As a web-based application, Community Connect harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate data communication. This enables secure 24/7 access to data with no new investment in hardware. Additionally, Community Connect can be implemented transparently and with minimal costs.