A web-based secure messaging platform that facilitates the communication between Primary Care and Specialty Care Physicians.

Increases access to Specialty care.

The eConsult system improves the health of vulnerable and underserved people by providing electronic access to a wider range of medical Specialists in a high quality, cost-effective manner. eConsult’s secure messaging approach not only broadens the participating panel by allowing the Specialist the flexibility to respond on “their time”, but increases the Specialist direct participation by its process of filtering appropriate referrals.

Manage specialty utilization more effectively.

Efficient use of limited Specialty resources. eConsult streamlines referral processes by enabling PCP’s to ask Specialists relevant details regarding a patient’s medical history prior to appointments. This improves efficiency and helps avoid unnecessary referrals . Additionally, the time saved reduces administrative costs.

Collaborative approach.

The platform provides PCP’s the ability to ask Specialists about treatment plans or discuss a difficult case that may or may not need a Specialty referral. This collaborative process reduces inappropriate and unnecessary referrals before a visit is even scheduled. The platform can also increase valid referrals by providing specialty guidelines and communicating each Specialist’s expectations to the PCP.

Efficiently store and manage all information.

Once an eConsult is completed, the information is stored in a secure database. Patient demographics, history, physical work ups, and related medical history associated with previous eConsults are all available for subsequent referrals and post- referral coordination.

Is simple to adopt and use.

As a web-based application, eConsult harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate data communication. This enables secure 24/7 access to data with no new investment in hardware or software to install. Additionally, eConsult can be implemented transparently and with minimal costs.

Increases patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Reduces the burden for multiple visits by patients due to inappropriate referrals. Patients have a better opportunity to receive a comprehensive care plan, when Specialists provide input. A healthier patient is a happy patient.

Dashboard view and Comprehensive reporting.

Total eConsult summaries by month: submitted, responded, messages, managed, referred visits. Diverted Consults summaries: redirected, resolved, referred. Close code summaries by month. Snapshot of the number of pending consults by PCP, Specialist and organization, along with how many consults have been closed in the current month.